Time out in Turkey... just too much happening back in Britain

The trouble with writing a blog that covers current topical issues is that it gets out of date so quickly.... The General Election was only a fortnight ago, but seems an age. Since then we've had the truly terrible Grenfell Tower fire, an attack at Finsbury Park Mosque by a white terrorist, and the start of the Brexit talks. It was a relief to fly out of the UK and arrive in Cirali, Turkey. See previous posts!     Firstly, people say 'aren't you nervous, going to Turkey?' Nervous of what, pray?  We are substantially safer here than we would be in the UK.  Turkey is a vast country, and the coastal areas are very different from Istanbul and Ankara.  Cirali is a quiet, sleepy village, 7km down a steep, narrow winding road from the main highway to Antalya, approx 1.5 hours drive away..... Our plane was absolutely heaving with cut-price Brits going for cut-price packages in the resorts around Antalya. Think bulkhead-to-bulkhead screaming kids for four hours.... Here, it is…

South of England Show, Race for Life....political turmoil....

The government is in chaos, country is on its knees, but what is Battleaxe going to write about? There has been so much going on, including the South of England Show in Ardingly last week, and on Sunday, I joined our WI team for the Race for Life in Alexandra Park.     The Ardingly Show is a big thing for the WI - a very traditional tea and cakes marquee combined with a craft/cake competitive show.  The tent is always packed - the women who run it work amazingly hard.
    As usual, our gang entered lots of classes. However, this meant that friend Jan and I had to firstly, go over there last Tuesday to set out our entries - leaving at 6.45am, then we had a coach trip on Thursday (Election Day), and finally the two of us went over on Saturday to pick all the stuff up.
    However, we won two first prizes, and two Highly Commended - one of which was for a story I did about the ghost of Emily Davison visiting some young person who wasn't planning to vote.... very topical.

Garden day at Winchelsea Beach

Had a nice outing on Saturday to visit a selection of gardens at Winchelsea Beach, open in aid of St Michael's Hospice. Philosopher and I have walked there many times and admired the houses, and this was our chance to get beyond the garden gates...     We went with friends Jan and Tom - we drove Tom to a boatyard in Rye first, because he wanted to do something or other on his boat - varnish? Scranlet.....?  Do you remember last summer we took a boat trip from Bodiam along the River Rother with Jan and Tom as a birthday treat - and Tom saw this boat for sale?  Well, readers, he bought it.  It spent the winter in the boatyard, had things done to its bottom and so forth, and then sadly, Tom knackered up his hip and had to have a big operation so it has not yet been out on the river. The boatyard was interesting - that's the old Ferryman's cottage above, here's a good view of masts etc., and then the boat itself....

    However, it transpired that the boatyard bloke was no…

Battleaxe goes to a BBC politics thing - too heated

Last night I went to the BBC South-East recording of their Election Debate, at the Kino Teatr in St Leonard's - it was a very hot night. It is being shown tonight at 10.45pm - past Battleaxe's bed time! The Panel.....
    Philosopher didn't want to go, but I had the company of Kelvin, one of our neighbours. It had been an oppressive and sultry day - quite headachy, so I nearly didn't go at all, but kind Philosopher gave me a lift down there and fetched me and Kelvin back.
     We'd been asked to submit questions in advance - I chose two topics. Firstly, imagining you were a first-time voter from one of the most deprived estates in Hastings. What key thing could the key parties offer to secure their vote? Secondly, about the cost of Brexit.  However, in the end they only chose 5 questions (from 120 people), and mine were not among them - nor was Kelvin's, about transport.
      The eventual panel consisted of  Tory Damian Collins (Folkestone and Hythe), our own …

RIP poor badger... many more of them in the garden

Yesterday morning we ran over and killed a badger. Badgers are much on our minds at the moment - our garden, and the gardens of our neighbours, are being over-run...  The sad fatality happened when we were driving over to Eastbourne, to sign the paperwork for our brand-new car - another Skoda Yeti.
      I don't know what the badgers were doing running across the busy Ridge at 9.30 in the morning - why were they not safely tucked up in their sett? There were two of them - one got across safely but the other ran out just too near the car and there was no way Philosopher could avoid it. We hit it head on.       I ran back and the poor thing was still moving, but obviously mortally wounded. A woman passing by stopped and we wondered what to do - badgers are big animals with a nasty bite, and this one was fully-grown. There was a man with a van nearby and I went across to ask him if he had a heavy weapon like a hammer to put the creature out of its misery. Indeed, he was already walk…

Battleaxe blinded by bluebells and Blues - and technology!

Well, as you can see, Hastings Battleaxe is in the middle of getting a new look. I thought it was time I updated the appearance of the blog - it hasn't changed in five years, and Blogger has all sorts of whizzy themes to choose from.  Suffice it to say that have spent hours effing and blinding, it still does not look right, some bits have disappeared, and have used up all my writing time messing about.  I should never have started. So most of this so-called post will be pictures of flowers - which are looking splendid right now.
  The pictures above are from our visit to my sister in Bedfordshire last week. We went to visit a lovely garden, Coton Manor in Northamptonshire. The bluebell wood was just amazing.  Last year Philosopher and I went to Hole Park, near Rolvenden - I thought those were the best bluebells ever, but the wood at Coton was particularly spectacular with blue against the young green leaves of the beech trees.
   Talking to my sister near election time is always …

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