Battle - for Battleaxes or Mad Old Bats?

Today the Philosopher and I went to Battle.  Now don't get me wrong it is a pretty little town, but walking down the High Street makes us feel incredibly young. I know one should be more tolerant and we will be old ourselves soon but those oldsters do obstruct the pavement somewhat.... To make matters worse most of the elderly customers in Jempsons were sneezing and barking and wheezing so loudly I could barely concentrate on my cappucino.. I showed iron will-power and resisted a doughnut with my coffee - Jempsons doughnuts are just the most sugary, the most jammy, the overall yummiest.  Blimey, what with doughnuts and scones, one might suspect I have a sweet tooth.  However, I have lost 4 pounds since New Year.

Another thing about Battle - the clothes shops.  I now know where to shop for Mad Old Ladies stuff.  Do you want a gold lurex jumper with ruffles and fringes and bits of ribbon hanging off it?  Want a handkerchief hem purple velvet skirt held together with gold leather laces? Go to Battle.  Trouble is, I find myself strangely drawn to such things.... 

Anyway, then we went to check on our storeroom (mostly full of the Philosopher's books) at Senlac Storage by Battle station (kept by very pleasant helpful people), then went to look at the junk mountain on offer in Burstow and Hewett's forthcoming auction sale.  I left a bid on a totally hideous Victorian wooden coat hanger in the shape of an owl....

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