St Leonard's to Bexhill - new cycle track

Another Sunday, another walk.  This time, starting at the old Bathing Pool site, walking to Bexhill, back on the bus. 
     I like the idea of the new 'Lido' development on the pool site, but the name is misleading - how can you have a Lido which isn't a pool? We think the Council should commission one of those Dotto landtrains to run along the sea-front from Hastings - like they have in Eastbourne.  I have read about people wanting the Miniature Railway to be extended, but that would be far too costly, in my view.

Another blazing sunny morning - sitting watching the world go by at the Beach Cafe by the Retail Park.  Us Brummies couldn't get over it back in the summer - you could combine a visit to B & Q with a visit to the beach!  Anyway, we walked along the new cycle track.  I read in the local paper that some old bloke was knocked down by a speeding cyclist when he emerged from the tunnel by the cafe - it does indeed need a chicane or some such to slow them down as they hurtle down the hill.  I also agree with what it said in the paper about the gravelly surface - very skid-inducing, and all that strange plastic netting stuff on the way through Bulverhythe also full of skid potential. We liked the portrait bench, but I do fear that the metal sculptures will soon be nicked.

It is heresy I know to admit this, but I don't like cyclists - they roar around self-importantly with no regard for anyone else, and then complain when they get knocked over. I particularly dislike cyclists who ride on pavements.  Nor do I like all the lycra and fancy gear they seem to think they need.... I think there will be accidents on that new cycle path, because cyclists and walkers are not separated.

The tide was out, but not far enough to see the Amsterdam.  We walked out to see the wreck one evening back in the autumn - the sky was clear, and the sunset was absolutely stunning - reflected glittering across the wet beach, with long dark shadows of the people and their dogs..  We walked and splashed and waded absolutely miles and I hadn't thought to wear wellies - I ended up barefoot with frozen feet.  We didn't think that much of the Amsterdam when we eventually reached her - just lines of black old ribs sticking out of the sand, but I am sure it has great historical interest.
Wreck of the Amsterdam

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