From Funchal to Hastings.....Madeira holiday

Mosaic paving in Funchal
Just returned from a fantastic week in Madeira.  Funchal is not unlike Hastings - perched on hills dropping down to the sea - and in fact the view of Hastings Old Town from the West Hill is better than Madeira...  No litter, and no dog poo in Funchal!  Here is an idea for Hastings, to liven up that Stade open space I was moaning about a couple of weeks ago.  In Funchal all the pavements and open spaces are paved with mosaic-like black and white chippings - the white is marble I presume.  There is a variety of striking patterns and pictures - see photo.  A design like this would look really good in Hastings - you could even make a picture of the Net Huts in black on white.
   Madeira is very beautiful - fabulous gardens. Here are some flowers:

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