The Good Scone Guide to Hastings

Up-date! The complete Good Scone Guide has now been published on my sister blog.  See the complete piece now on Bombastic Battleaxe

For one of the regular competitive writing exercises at the Hastings Writers' Group, we have to produce a travel piece.  I thought the Good Scone Guide might just be a little different.  However, it requires the sampling of many scones in many different cafes - not much hardship there.  Forget your cupcakes, for me there is nothing to beat a fresh, warm, fragrant, fruity scone with butter and jam.

I have made my test area very wide - reaching from the Hastings Garden Centre, almost in Bexhill (yummy scones mentioned in a previous blog post), up to Sainsburys in Sedlescombe Road, and all the way across to the Coastguards Tearooms in Fairlight.

We went up to the Country Park for a walk this morning. The bluebells were out on Brakey Bank, looking lovely in the sun, and the shaggy Highland cattle lying in their field looked just like a Victorian watercolour against the yellow gorse and the sparkling sea.  I know writers to the local paper moan on about the cattle in the park, and the consequent land enclosure, but they do look picturesque to me.  Called in to the Coastguards to do my research - we like the place, but today their scones were disappointing - not fresh, and the jam was a bit cheapskate.  I know this guide won't be serious, and the quality of the scone-eating experience must depend on when the baking has been done, but a place only has one chance to make a good scone impression.*

Yesterday we went to the Cafe des Arts in town, again purely for research.  They were just getting their scones out of the oven.....
* November 2012 - I feel sorry I said this - the Coastguards is actually one of our favourite places - love their little dog!

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