Hastings Battleaxe has moved!

Sorry, blog readers but we just moved into our new 'forever' house earlier this week.
     The builders were still working half an hour before we arrived - they still have not quite finished, but the house is habitable. The whole business has been absolute chaos but this morning I had breakfast in bed, looking out of the window at the sea for the first time, watching the white horses prancing and plunging down the Channel.
     We have no proper internet as yet.
     By the way, the Hastings Scone Guide won third prize in the Hastings Writers Group competition. I have put the finished piece on Bombastic Battleaxe, my other blog. Battleaxe has physically expanded a little during the scone survey. Top scones were the Cafe des Arts, the Green Cafe in George Street and the Hastings Garden Centre Cafe.

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