Battleaxe finds evidence of Other Worlds in Battle...

In earlier blogs, I have commented on the eclectic collection of clothes shops in Battle, with particular reference to Tweedy Walker, Mad Cat Lady, Alternative Therapist and Pagan Priestess.  However, today I found something else again - Dynasty Revival with Added Bling and Extra Gold.  I won't give the name of the shop because it is unfair, but we came across it while going to the pet shop for additions to Digby's already extensive toy range - he is getting bored with being shut indoors already.
     The RSPCA said we had to keep him shut in for 3 weeks, but as he doesn't like to wander more than 2 yards from his food plate, I think we will open the door, bag of cat treats in hand, before that. It is very hot - and smelly - in here with doors and windows shut....we were due to have friends with delicate sensibilities to stay this weekend but they have postponed - just as well for them, one whiff of the litter tray and they would have legged it to the nearest boutique hotel.

Anyway, this shop stocks brands like Joseph Ribkoff, examples below.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do like a bit of bling, and I thought I would buy something ironically for trip we have booked to Sorrento next month, but the shop had nothing under £300.00. That is a bit much for an impulse, ironic purchase, me thinks.

What I want to know is, who wears clothes like this, at those prices, and for what type of occasion?  All information would be welcome, as it is a strata of society that has entirely bypassed the Battleaxe.  Is it for cruises? Mother of the Bride? Hot-tub parties in out-of-town hacienda-style homes?

Feel free to comment!

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