Bluebell Ridge cat Digby joins Battleaxe household

OK, so Battleaxe always said she wanted a dog when we moved to Hastings.  I have been putting finding a dog off and off.  I couldn't decide what sort to get.  The Philosopher wanted a little Westie, and I wanted something like a Cockerpoo. The time never felt right - we were either going somewhere, or someone was coming, or something else was happening - or whatever.  Finally, it became clear that at the moment, a dog just does not suit our lifestyle - we go out for days to London, we go away for weekends, and we don't as yet have the support network here to care for a dog.

The other day I was looking at the local RSPCA website, as usual, for dogs, when my eye was caught by a great big tabby cat - Digby. He looked confident and cheerful, and a potential dog-like companion cat.  I can't be doing with cats that are savage bundles of claws, or neurotics hiding under the furniture, and I didn't want one that gave me supercilious dirty looks all the time, like Frankie in Birmingham.

We went and visited him, and indeed, he was very friendly.  The cattery up there is very palatial - the cats have lots of space and lots of love, judging by the numbers of cat-loving young girls around - volunteers presumably.  Trouble is, once you go and see them, you want to adopt them all (the cats I mean silly) - there is one lovely three-legged guy up there - I hope he finds a home soon......

We had our home visit, and collected Digby yesterday.  At first, he just ate compulsively - they said he had been a little undernourished and was on 3 meals a day, but on arrival  at our house he ate 4 meals straight off before collapsing, belching gently, to watch the Olympics closing ceremony with us.

Bluebell Ridge is clearly a good thing for anyone who is into cats. Here is a link:

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