De La Warr, Towner Gallery, Beachy Head, Rye Harbour, Bexhill Link Road...its a full life.

Just had friends Alan and Judy down from Brum for the weekend.  Alan is the Alan Wenban-Smith of  Link Road feasibility enquiry fame. He still stoutly maintains there is absolutely no sense in the project, and did yet more stout maintaining after far too long sitting in the traffic on the A21, the main obstacle to the development of Hastings. We agree totally.  Here is the link to his 2011 report for the Hastings Alliance.

On Saturday it was pouring with rain in the morning, so we took the car - more gnashing of teeth as we crawled past Glynde Gap - for coffee in the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. We looked at the Ian Breakwell Exhibition - very strange - and then drove to Eastbourne.  Called into the Towner Gallery and caught virtually the last day of the excellent 'Points of Departure' Exhibition, about the Sussex sea-coast.  Philosopher and I had been to see it some months ago, but it was well worth seeing again.  We like the Towner, it has good exhibitions and an excellent permanent collection, however, I think our own Jerwood is a better building.

We then drove up to Beachy Head, and had lunch at the Beachy Head pub.  I have said this before, but given its location, that pub could be an absolute dive and people would still flock to it.  In fact, it is perfectly OK. After, as it had stopped raining, we went for a short walk.  The weather was very strange - deep grey looming clouds, but over the Seven Sisters and towards Brighton, the sun was breaking through, giving wonderful lighting effects, and as the afternoon wore on towards sunset, the view grew more and more dramatic. A group of young people were obviously filming some amateur dramatic production right by the cliff edge - the last we saw of them, they were being hotly pursued by the Chaplains.

Today, needless to say, the weather was totally different, so we went walking at Rye Harbour.  Lovely bright sun, warm enough to sit on the beach and admire the glittery sea. As at Pett Level last week, the recent stormy weather had produced good beach-combing opportunities.

 We wanted to stop for lunch at the Coastguards Tearooms but they were shut....curses.

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