The sea, the sea......Pett Level

Glorious sun today.  We went down to Pett Level.  Less than 48 hours ago the sea was as shown in the photographs on my last blog post.  Look at it now.
Little innocent wavelets lapping at the shore, me sitting on a breakwater sunning myself.

Did some good beachcombing, too - lots of interesting bits washed ashore.  That's something I have not mentioned - one thing I want to do is to make arty objects out of driftwood, pebbles etc. Loads of people do that sort of stuff round here but mine will be special. 

We popped into Winchelsea on the way for coffee and home-made Battenburg cake at the up-market and civilised Winchelsea Farm Kitchen.  It has a nice little garden for sitting out in the summer, and various cozy rooms inside.  The shop is full of food to die for - I can scarcely drag myself past the counter without developing insane urges for game pie or whatever - I do not give in.  Even so, readers of this blog would be forgiven for thinking that Philosopher and I do nothing but visit eateries and wander about looking at the sea.  About right, I guess, with perhaps a bit of shopping thrown in.

Less positively, we still have vile colds.  Caught them from grand-daughter.  Here she is dancing on Beachy Head this time last week.  The pool is a strange big rain puddle that had accumulated right at the very edge of the top of the cliff.

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