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Buying Clothes for Foxy Battleaxes - why is it a High Street Nightmare?

Why indeed? Buying clothes on the High Street is becoming increasingly difficult, partly because designers seem to be going through a bad patch, but mostly because the shops only cater for skinny young women.
No, I'm not thinking the classic range in M and S, either. Don't start me on M and S....
     I don't much like buying clothes on-line - I like to feel the fabrics, hold the garments up against me, try things on....
     This is just a short post to say that I have just put my personal guide to clothes-buying, and a list of my favoured brands, on Bombastic Battleaxe.
     Went to Battle earlier in the week - investigated the clothes shops. I always look in Enigma - distinct danger of Pagan Priestess, and Raggs - tendency towards Mad Cat Lady.  I found another - Farrago - small stock but really good.
     I'm lucky with Philosopher - he actually enjoys looking at women's clothes, and has a good idea of what suits me. Being  a man, he has the odd blank spot - inc…

Snowy Hastings...memories of Biba

It has snowed solidly all day so far. I think it is one of the first Sundays I can remember that we have not ventured out of the house at all.  On Friday night we were due down at the Arts Forum to see the opening of the latest exhibition - there is a portrait of our friend Joe Fearn on view - but it was bucketing snow then as well.....   
     Snow looks quite deep now. In this little road, we have to look after ourselves - the Council kindly fills a bin of grit and salt for us to shovel as we please.
     This is our view right now. Where is the sea? Where is the sky?
     This morning, Battleaxe has been occupying herself putting some items on Ebay. A random collection of items, some of the last things left over from our previous life.
     If anyone out there fancies a 30s cheval mirror, a 70s G plan stool, a 50s stool, a 50s lucite lamp with crabs and fishes inside or a 70s Biba poster, go visit 'Grannystephsattic' on Ebay - they go on 7pm tonight (Sunday) for 10 days. S…

Holman Hunt in the Tate - and at Clive Vale Farm

We went up to London to see the Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition at Tate Britain....
Viewing big exhibitions is an absolute ordeal.. The massive crowds are soul-destroying. This was in its last few days, so we thought it might be emptier - no chance. I don't know why we do it.
     We got there about 11.30am - no tickets until 3.30pm. As the Tate is partially closed due to building works, there is only one Ladies - enormous queue, a crowded, hot tea room - enormous queue and struggle for a seat, and then an even more enormous queue to actually get into the exhibition. Battleaxe doesn't do queues very well.
     When you eventually edge your way into the exhibition, the crowds are five/six people deep in front of the paintings. You either have to join in the slow snail-trail shuffling round each room, where you find yourself deposited for a brief moment in front of each picture, viewing it from about two feet away with everyone breathing down your neck so you can't appreciate it, …

All Saints Street, Hastings - curious things...and Life of Pi

Well, hard times are here - the post Christmas diet has started. No alcohol during the week, only one square of chocolate a night.... urgh. 

More walking is needed, too, so when yesterday there was a rare glimmer of sunshine, we walked down to the sea via All Saints Street.
     As well as some of the prettiest houses, and the most interesting peeks up twittens and down steps, there are some curious things if you look closely.... here is a sample:

     I always like the Piece of Cheese Cottage.....

 This says 'Go back to bed'. Why?

 I like to peer into this window - the interior is full of bits of rock, and more skulls - I assume it is someone's studio.....

     One of the oddest things is an old cottage with a huge bust of Wagner in the window, with attached notices. The owner has put one of those strange square code devices beside the bust - I held my iphone up to it and to my surprise it went rattling off to this website.  How high-tech was that.
     Well, I do agr…

Pett Level - how can a submerged forest be preserved for 6000 years?

Blimey, it is well into January already.....
     I have not yet started implementing any of my New Year's Resolutions.  I never start on 1 January - people are tired and strung out, the fridge is full of tempting Christmas left-overs, there are half-drunk bottles and half-eaten boxes of sweets on the kitchen work-top, and relatives still lurking in the house. I shall start on Monday 7 January.
     Christmas and New Year in the Battleaxe household were somewhat marred by illness - first me, and the Philosopher then caught a flu-like malady. It was very long-lasting and debilitating for both of us. He is not yet totally restored. Add to that the terrible wet weather, and it feels as if we have done nothing for ages.
     A couple of days ago I summoned up the energy to go to Tunbridge Wells to the sales. I don't think I've written about those particular shopping delights in this blog, but oh the joy of Fenwicks.  It manages to collect most of the brands I like together on…

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