Hastings LOL cat beats February blues!

February today...... days are getting longer....but still wet..wet...wet.
Well, here's a surprise to start with - we have unexpectedly been allocated a brown garden waste recycling bin. The two year wait ranted about earlier this year on Bombastic Battleaxe never happened.  Our bin will be delivered this month. Perhaps Hastings BC have been reading this blog - I know two of our local councillors have read the post about Tesco in Ore.
     This post is just going to be just silly - yawn scratch more cats on the internet.
     Why do cat-posting people make those LOL cats speak in such silly misspelt voices? 'Duz zey tink dem kittez stoopid or sumfin?'  Well, I guess our rescue cat Digby is a bit dim, but I'm sure he could spell and construct a simple sentence.
     He is, of course, far more photogenic and interesting than any other internet cat, but is getting a bit portly. He still wolfs his food like it was his last ever meal, gets terrible wind, and still wants more. I guess the scars of his earlier stress, food deprivation and loneliness still leave an aching void that can never be filled bla de bla. How like us humans..... Less of that, this post is supposed to be silly.
     He has brought much innocent pleasure to our lives.
     So, here is Digby, getting maximum catty value from a shopping bag............


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