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Running the Hastings Half-Marathon, Good Friday Passion in Hastings Old Town

Last blog post for this month.....Easter and still no spring weather.
Earlier in the week I had to resort to writing a Bombastic Battleaxe post on spaghetti poodles to cheer myself up.
     We have made hopeful trips to the Hastings Garden Centre a couple of times, and bought a few plants, which are currently sitting outside the back door looking miserable. Still, the scones are as good as ever - see Bombastic Battleaxe. They even had a two for the price of one offer.....lots of things are on offer - even the faithful Garden Centre kitty? Poor Garden Centre, I bet they are longing for spring.
I also feel sorry for clothes shops, full of lovely summer stuff nobody can face buying.

     Last Sunday was the Hastings Half-Marathon. Last year we sat on our doorstep in Harold Road in tee shirts in the boiling sun, watching the runners sweating past in the heat. This year, further up the hill but still near the route, we went to the end of our road wrapped up in thick coats, fleeces, hats an…

Cold week - Writers's Group. Women's Institute, Winchelsea - and Waitrose.

This post is a bit of a mixture - a busy week in totally depressing weather. Have also developed an unhealthy interest in food. Hard to believe this time last year we were basking in sun on the beach....ah well, as yet no tons of snow here like Birmingham, or floods like in Cornwall....
     Had a committee meeting of the Hastings Writers' Group, held at the home of Jill, our Chair, in St Leonard's. There were only three of us this time, all full of excellent creative ideas but without anyone to say 'hang on a moment - will that work?' Anyway, we had great fun.
      I have a lot to do at the moment, including working on the new website for the Group (oh, what a rumpus that has caused...) with some other members and local website designer Nick Weekes. He seems a pleasant, and patient bloke, but I think HWG will stretch his powers to the limit. Also, am working on the production of the 2013 charity anthology - it is going to have an animal theme. Plus, have got to fi…

Sennen Cove, Cornwall. We miss Hastings white-out...and family memories

Back from our week in Sennen Cove, Cornwall, with friends from Birmingham Sue and Alex, Anne, Sue and Graham. We go every year, walk, natter, drink and eat far too many enormous meals.
     The drive from Hastings is long - 346 miles, but interesting, down the M3/A303/A30, past Stonehenge, over the Blackdown Hills, down the Otter Valley - it feels like going on an old-fashioned holiday. The A30 carries on right to Lands End, by which time it has shrunk to a single track lane running between high stone banks, with yellow gorse and daffodils, and camelias in bloom outside the cottages. Spring is late everywhere this year, but it was better down there. It was cold, though - very cold...
     We had a fabulous sea view from our windows - when the tide was up, huge rollers roared and crashed onto the rocks only a few yards away, just across the little seafront road. Sennen Cove is a big surfing beach, but even the surfers were put off by the cold this year.
     The weather looks very thr…

Ice age Art at the British Museum - is spring here?

We visited the Ice Age Art exhibition at the British Museum this week....
Beautiful sunny spring day both in Hastings and London.
      I always like the re-designed inner courtyard of the Museum - the roof is especially striking.
     Unlike previous exhibition ordeals I have described here, the experience was almost civilised - there was no queue, and the rooms were tolerably uncrowded.
     The little things on show were wonderful - I don't quite know why the exhibition organisers felt the need to show them in conjunction with modern art supposedly inspired by the pieces - I scarcely bothered to read what Picasso thought of something or other - the pieces were fascinating on their own.
     This little woman is the oldest known object made of fired clay  - she is an incredible 30,000 years old, from Moravia in what is now the Czech Republic.
      About fifteen years ago Battleaxe went through a 'goddess' phase - I read a number of books about the Female Divine, and col…

Gaunt Posh, freezing cold - and many gas men

Gaunt Posh? Gaunt Steph?  Gaunt Steph Gaunt? Some hopes of that.  It is a sad fact, that as Battleaxes get older, they get more solid. Not necessarily fatter, just solid - hard to reduce. 
     See latest rant on Bombastic Battleaxe on diet truths and lies, food labelling etc.
     Our friends Sue and Alex in Birmingham are on that Fast Diet business, where you live on a very restricted diet indeed for two days a week, and eat normally for the rest of the time. At the moment, they say they feel better for it. This may be the case, but this Battleaxe would be hopeless on that regime - I get weak and bad-tempered with hunger if I don't eat regularly, and I could pack in such vast amounts of grub on the 'normal days' that the benefits of the fasting would be lost. I have just had an energetic hour in the garden, laying slabs in the spot that gets the sun last thing in the evening, to make a little 'martini corner'. No way could I do that without some proper food.

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