Jerwood Gallery Hastings: William Scott - at last, an exhibition that Battleaxe likes!

What a fabulous bright day today. Flawless, crystal-bright blue sky. We visited the new William Scott exhibition at the Jerwood. 
     Called 'Divided Figure' it focuses on his drawings and paintings of the female form. Apparently this year is the centenary of his birth.
      This is the first Jerwood exhibition I have enjoyed viewing. Strange really, because much of Scott's work is just as abstract as the stuff in previous exhibitions. Don't ask me to try and explain why I get some pleasure out of this, and just felt confused irritation on viewing the others. Somewhere in there may lurk the difference between good modern art and bad modern art. The pictures shown here are just a random selection I found on the internet. Of course they don't let you take photographs in the gallery, and I couldn't be bothered to go through my usual routine of outwitting the attendants with a hidden iphone...
The picture of eggs and lemons was not on show, but I like the freshness of it.. The picture at the bottom is probably his best-known image, again not on show in this exhibition.


      We walked down to the Old Town via the West Hill, and, as so often, stopped for coffee and a date slice at the cafe.  Here is a slightly different view of the cafe  - normally, photographs show the view looking across the valley from the cafe to the Old Town.
     When we first drove across to Hastings from Brighton, a good few years ago now, we took the lift up the hill and sat on the cafe terrace.  Looking back, our few moments sitting there looking out at the view kindled our first spark of attraction for Hastings.
      I've got a busy time ahead - London tomorrow, friends Sue and Anne coming down from Birmingham from Tuesday to Friday, then on Sunday morning we are off to Germany for a week.

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