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Senior screen, pink azaleas, badger cull and too much cake!

Not the best week really.  Weather was lovely last Sunday and Monday, and we did lots of gardening, but it has been dull, cold, wet and grey since.  I have had sinus trouble - I don't know what is causing it. It comes and goes, but never seems to clear up completely.    
     They told us on the telly last night that this has been, officially, the coldest spring since 1962, and that
temperatures etc. had been below average for the last 12 consecutive months..... all the time we have been living in this house. Still, the azaleas on the bank at the front have gone mad - the previous owner was very fond of pink. I don't actually like them so much - they hurt your eyes, but couldn't face getting rid of them.
     On Tuesday it was a very wet morning, so we decided to go down to the 11am Senior Screen at the Hastings Odeon.  It only costs £3.00, including free coffee, cake and a raffle!  We were astonished how popular it is - the place was full.  We saw 'The Impossible…

Hastings Old Town Open Gardens, garlic in Alexandra Park, and Havelock pub tiles

A nice couple of days doing local things last week.  Open Old Town Gardens were first.  There weren't that many - a few along Tackleway, and the garden of the Old Rectory B and B at the bottom of Harold Road, but they made quality viewing. Coffee at the Jerwood before the gardens.
     The first garden was modern, belonging to the new blue house you can see across the valley from the West Hill.  Very pebbly and Zen, with a lovely bower under old olive trees for sitting. The owners must have bought the trees in fully grown....  The next three were classic cottage gardens - one, in particular, Strawberry Cottage, was absolutely wonderful - a dense mass of secret nooks and crannies, little pools, weathered stone, and loads of garden geraniums.  Then finally, the Old Rectory.  Those nineteenth century vicars knew how to live. What a lovely old house and fabulous walled garden. We were also able to look at some of the rooms in the B and B part - done up to very high standard, with grea…

Trans-seasonal dressing, Lifelong Learning, trugs...and fungus

Should Battleaxe be a fashion blogger?  No time really. Too busy with the WI, Writers' Group, having friends to stay....    Of all the posts I've written on my other blog, Bombastic Battleaxe, by far the most popular has been the post on buying clothes for stylish Battleaxes. Trouble is, fashion bloggers just seem to hang round cat walk shows looking demented. I don't mind doing
demented some of the time but not for every day.....
      This week, on a shopping outing to Tunbridge Wells, I scoured Fenwicks, my favourite store. Trouble is, like many women I guess, I have loads of summer clothes which I wear so little each year that they could last for ever.
     Of course, I could sell the lot and start again, but what an effort...      We need clothes that can be worn for more than one season - spring, summer and autumn too, and maybe even winter. I'll do a piece on Bombastic about buying 'trans-seasonal' clothes for Stylish Battleaxes.... Another post will c…

Battleaxe goes overland to Berlin

Euro-jaunt: through France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to visit Tom in Hannover, then to Berlin....      Got back to find that in our absence a seagull built a nest right outside our bedroom window and is already sitting on eggs.... we can't leave it there - as soon as we opened the window it started screeching furiously - we would get no sleep for the next few months....
     Anyway, last Sunday morning we drove down to the tunnel - not a great start. All of Sussex were queuing to get to the Icklesham car boot, and we were held up for about half an hour. Fortunately Philosopher has a relatively high anxiety level when it comes to getting to places on time, and we had left with plenty of time to spare....
     Uneventful under-sea journey. Not much romance about that tunnel.  However hard I try to work myself up by imagining the tons of water above me, I can't summon any excitement.
      Headed off north, past Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, then, several hours in, started thin…

Spring lovelies.....Pashley Manor tulips

Busy week.
     Had a good couple of days with Sue and Anne from Birmingham - a fine, sunny day walking on Beachy Head, after ride up the hill on open-top bus (free for us oldsters!) lunch in the pub and then walk down to Eastbourne. Another much colder day doing the Hastings sights and Old Town shops, followed by fish and chips from Ore. 
     They introduced us to a lethal but delicious summer drink consisting of large measure of Campari, prosecco and a dash of soda water in a tall glass.
     Only downside was lunch in the Land of Green Ginger in the Old Town.  Food great as usual but there was a group at the next table with some incredibly naughty, noisy children - called Harrison and Purdie - need I say more? Anyway, the noise level was intolerable - why are so many parents oblivious to anyone apart from their own children?  
     On Friday we dropped the Brummies at the station, then went to the Pashley Manor tulip festival with friends Bob and Alison. It was a beautiful, clear…

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