Granny Battleaxe: Camber Sands on a windy day and other stories....

We have grand daughter staying for a few days....  as usual, we planned an outing to Camber Sands, one of her favourite places - she loves the huge wide space, and playing in the dunes. 
    Usually we have a great time but it was very windy, and the tide was so far out you had to squint at a distant line of sea that looked
GD enjoys her lunch....
suspiciously close to the French coast.  The sand blew across the beach in stinging waves, and got into everything. The first encampment we made rapidly looked like a Saharan sand storm had passed through it..... Still, the sun soon came out, Philosopher made a lovely sandcastle, and we made a better place to eat our lunch without sand getting into the sarnies.
Philosopher's castle
Camber Sands
     You have to hand it to British holiday-makers, we gave up after lunch and came home leaving many still hanging out in their wind-break stockades. The camps looked like those round fortress houses you see on the wide wild steppes of Mongolia? Tibet?
      My thighs still ached yesterday after a heart-attack inducing clamber through the dunes in search of GD, who then turned out to be down on the beach after all.
     Next outing - a day down in Hastings.  Hair cut first, followed by Pizza Express. They have a very sophisticated kids menu now - several starters, about 4 different pizzas, 4 different pastas etc. Although I am a great fan of the diet 'Leggera' pizzas, I get a tiny bit cross with the Hastings branch - you go in when it is busy and they say sorry for taking so long we are so busy.  You go in when it is empty and the staff are standing round yarning....
     Then, to the Odeon and Despicable Me2.  Philosopher and I greatly enjoyed the first one and were looking forward to the sequel, but it was disappointing. The ideas seemed to have run out already, and it was all about the hero finding luurve, when all one wanted was lots of super-villain action. We had to sit through many samey-looking trailers for formulaic computer-generated kids animated films before the main feature. We are connoisseurs of the genre by now - a new DreamWorks thing about snails was the only thing that looked promising....
     Going to the movies with Eve is often challenging and today was no exception. For example: in a loud voice, she enquires, 'Who is talking in this cinema!'
    'Nobody except you,' I hiss, 'Shhh.'
    'Now someone has got their mobile phone on!'
    'I can't see.... that girl in front is too tall....  that's better, I can sit on my feet......'
    'I've got pins and needles now, feet really hurt.'
     Then it's clothes shopping.  You wouldn't believe that Marks and Spencer could devise yet more ways of producing clothes that nobody wants to buy, but try taking a look at their range of girls' stuff.  They sell leggings and tops in sets, which is a bad idea anyway, because picky kids are unlikely to want both halves. 
     The first lot Eve tried, the leggings were so tight you could not have got a broom stick down the leg, and the top was so big I could have worn it as a dress.  The next lot, the top was tiny and ruffled unattractively round the pubescent bum, and the leggings were enormous and baggy.... We ended up getting stuff from Tammy Girl at BHS, as well as an alarming gold lamé T shirt from Peacocks that she particularly wanted - yes, I speak the truth. I can't imagine where she gets her taste from. Still it was only two quid in their sale.
     Home, worn out....... Tomorrow is another day, and then we drive up to Birmingham with her on Sunday.

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