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Tunbridge Wells day out and Fairlight Hall piano recital.

Battleaxe never likes trying on clothes in winter, when she is muffled up like a Babushka in thick jumpers, wooly tights, big boots, quilted coat, hat and scarf, but sometimes it Has To be Done.
     Tunbridge Wells is our nearest high-end shopping destination. It is easy to go from Hastings by train, but lazily, we take the car and park in the Great Hall just behind the BBC. They used to have talking parking ticket machines which told you to safeguard your valuables in cod celebrity voices but sadly, those have been replaced by those complicated ones where you have to key in your car registration number. Useless for Battleaxe, who never remembers it.
     Our usual route takes us up the hill for coffee at Ismail, which is on the ground floor of the Cotswold Outdoor shop. There is a good smell of freshly roasting coffee inside, excellent outside people-watching in summer, and they have a huge variety of interesting coffees and teas on offer, as well as hot chocolate. I noticed somethi…

Cinema experiences - Kino Hawkhurst and Electric Palace Hastings

No, sorry, I have not as yet been to the new Kino in Rye. We'll go very soon and I'll report back.
     Last week we went to the cinema twice - unusual for us. We'd made an attempt to go to the Kino in Hawkhurst the previous week - it is usually a quick and simple journey, along the quiet, straight road via Sedlescombe, but on that particular day the A21 was closed due to flooding, and the traffic had been diverted onto the back roads. We crawled along in pouring rain behind a huge lorry carrying a crane, and although the road is straight, there was never enough clear space to overtake.  Arrived in Hawkhurst only to find all seats for the film, 'The Imitation Game', were sold out. Surprisingly, we weren't even all that cross, but, determined to see the film, booked seats for this week.
     We very much like the Kino.  It has wonderfully comfortable high-back squishy seats with loads of legroom, handy cup/glass holders for the flat white or the Sancerre, a nice…

Why are Marks and Spencer clothes so awful?

I see that Marks and Spencer has, yet again, posted poor results for the last quarter of 2014, particularly with clothing sales, blaming unsuitably mild weather, logistics problems and discounting by other retailers.  This is now their fourteenth quarter in decline.
     A Guardian review of comments by retail analysts speculates about every possible reason for the chain's failure except for the blindingly obvious.
M & S women's clothes are REVOLTING. No-one with half a brain would want to pay money for most of the stuff. 
     There, what's so hard about saying that.
     Why should Battleaxe care? I no longer shop there. But I used to, I'd like to again, commentators are already speculating about store closures, and locally, the survival of the Hastings Priory Meadow store is crucial for our retail economy.
      As well as Priory Meadow, we have a big new store on the Ravenside retail park, which has the sea-view cafe referred to in previous posts. I have photogr…

Over Galley Hill to Bexhill - walking off the Christmas pounds

Yes, yes, I know, of course you have to walk absolutely miles to lose a single ounce, but I never think January is the time for starving oneself. Hopefully, I can stop the rot by doing a bit more exercise.
     What a relief, life is now back to normal. The seemingly everlasting weekend, the Groundhog Christmas holiday days, are finally done.Why do we all collude with it year after year?
    Sunday was a bright day, so off we strode. The sea was calm, the sky was blue,and many others had the same idea.
    Even though the Galley Hill section of the Hastings to Bexhill cycle/footpath is tarmac and divided down the middle for walkers and cyclists, there is barely room for two people to walk abreast.Dogs and kids kept spilling across into the path of the cyclists, amid much bell-ringing, shouting and swearing. But I've banged on quite enough in the past about the deficiencies of the cycle/footpath from Hastings to Bexhill, so I'll talk about other things.
    Galley Hill is a c…

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