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Stamford, York, Robin Hood's Bay. Hastings Battleaxe ventures Oop North.

'Oop North' as against 'Dahn Sarth'. I tell you one thing, it's much warmer and sunnier dahn 'ere.... We had an action-packed week, seeing so many new places and things. We are very lucky to live in this country - the interest and variety is incredible.
    We set off last Thursday - over a week ago, firstly, for Stamford. I could write about trying to register for a Dart Charge account, huddled in the Hades-like Thurrock services.  Suffice it to say I managed it, then had to repeat the whole process to make a one-off payment for the crossing we had just made, and now have just had an email from the fiendish thing to say that as the account balance has dropped below the required £10.00, I have to go through the whole faff yet again to make yet another payment. Never mind that we won't be using the Dartford crossing again for ages.....
     Neither Philosopher or I had visited Stamford before. It features as the back-drop for many period dramas, e.g the TV M…

Visiting Canterbury, Whitstable and Rochester

We are now in the middle of Philosopher's Birthday Festival season. All this for a man who didn't want a birthday.....
     We reached Canterbury at lunchtime on a hot sunny day, but amazingly, managed to park at our first attempt, within 200 metres of the Cathedral. I  say amazingly, because the city was Absolutely Heaving, mostly with French schoolchildren. Do those French kids do nothing but travel about in the summer? Hastings is also full of them. We headed straight for the Cathedral. Somehow, our route took us through Primark, where I paused to grab some of their cotton/lycra teeshirts. I don't approve of Primark but those tees are the best, and the cheapest, and come in an incredible range of colours.
      We had to pay a lot of money to get into the Cathedral precincts. Surely, committed C of E persons should be able to gain access to the Mother Church to obtain spiritual sustenance? It says on the web-site that they welcome modern-day pilgrims, but what would th…

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