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Hastings Battleaxe's 5th Blogiversary. What will 2017 be like?

Five years ago today Hastings Battleaxe was born. Let's start with some thoughts about the blog, look back on the global horrors of 2016, and finally, wonder about making things a bit better for 2017
 I've read that the average lifespan of a blog is 33 months. Well, we've well exceeded that. Battleaxe started slow - it took over a year to reach over 1000 page views a month. Oddly, this month is the busiest ever, with over 10,000 page views.
    This blog is never going to be a viral sensation, or make me money. Why?  If I just stuck to the original brief I set out in my first post - Hastings and the surrounding area from the perspective of a newcomer - I might do better, but it wanders round over the place.
     Successful blogs have a niche, but as well as Hastings, Battleaxe rattles through UK travel, overseas holidays, art and exhibitions, home and gardenconcerts and theatre, (including, this year, a first commissioned review post), clothes, politics, poetry. The m…

Happy Christmas from Hastings Battleaxe - plus a poem.

Christmas good wishes from Hastings Battleaxe!   I'll do Battleaxe's take on the sorry state of the world and hopes for the New Year in the next post, which will mark the fifth 'Blogoversery'.  In the meantime, here's some politically incorrect seasonal 1950's glamour - and the gorilla poem I read at the Stanza group party the other week. What a ridiculous combination of topics - but hey, so what.

    Battleaxe has been busy, as is to be expected this time of year, but is now laid low with a terrible cold. Just back from a poorly couple of days in Brum. It may have been the traumas of the WI Committee Christmas meal at my house that did for me - the chicken had gone off, meaning Philosopher had to run up to Ore (or Oray as we call it now after Strictly) to fetch buckets and buckets of KFC - and then Digby burst in through the cat door carrying a live rat....
     I don't think this poem is very good, but I hope you'll enjoy it as a Christmas offering.

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