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Hastings Battleaxe is like, chillin' at the Source Park

What a fabulous sunny Good Friday - weather not set to last through Easter, one gathers. Today, I told Philosopher that Battleaxe wanted to check out the Source Park, a new skate/BMX thingy in the old White Rock Baths.
'Mmm, Sauce!' he grunted in mock camp yet strangely unenthusiastic tones, without raising his eyes from the Guardian. (Is camp grunting even possible?)
      We strolled down to town over the West Hill, hearing faint sounds of shouting and chanting from the traditional Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession going on in the Old Town below us. We have watched that event several times, and I have written about it for this blog, but this year the sun and the sea beckoned louder. At least Jesus wouldn't be wearing thermals and long-johns under his raiment this time.

     We had a cup of dish-water coffee and a soggy apricot slice in the West Hill cafe. Sitting enjoying the sun on the terrace, and admiring the unparalleled views, I wished, as I do so often, t…

Another week in Sennen Cove

How many times have we stayed down in Sennen Cove? Here's last year's post. The area never palls, loses its magic or fails to turn up new things of interest. We're just back from our 2016 week spent,  as usual, in the company of our best-loved Brummie friends. I just described the long road trip from Hastings to the far west of Cornwall in my last post
   You may well ask, why go all the way down there? It's a cliche to say that Cornwall is a special place. Mostly special in a good way, but sometimes not - see about St Buryan later in this post.
    Being so near to Lands End, the peninsula is very narrow, and you can get to both the north coast and the south coast very easily. The cliff walks are different on each side. Although the cliffs are similar, the light in the north feels slightly harsher and brighter, the south feels gentler. We can visit St Ives, Marazion and Penzance, although our nearest 'metropolis' is St Just.  There are gardens to visit,…

From Hastings to Lands End..... A long drive

For Battleaxe readers in America, Australia etc., a road trip of 332 miles would be nothing, but in the UK it is a bit different. To drive from Hastings to Sennen Cove near Lands End in Cornwall takes around seven hours....
    On the way down, we had an overnight break with our friend Karol in Lyme Regis.      At this time of year, we prefer to stick to the coast road, despite the risk of traffic snarl-ups. We trundle along from Hastings past Brighton, and stop for coffee at a massive Sainsburys outside Worthing.  It sounds a bit of a grungy place to stop, but oddly enough there are hardly any coffee-time stop-offs on that stretch of road.  This Sainsburys caff is not as good as our Hastings Sainsburys, with only dish-water self-serve coffee, and no well-thumbed grubby tabloids to read. Still, at least you don't have to wait twenty minutes while the arthritic 'baristas' hover impotently round the coffee machine...       The road through Worthing can be very congested, as c…

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