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Hastings Battleaxe hits the Chelsea Flower Show.

Well, you have to go once, don't you?  We've never been to the Chelsea Flower Show, and thought we'd give it a try. Who knows, we may have become avid Chelsea addicts. We enjoyed our day, but fortunately for our bank balance, one visit is enough.      Weather-wise, we had the best day of the Chelsea week - warm, sunny but not too hot.
     As usual, we'd been watching Chelsea on the telly - we do so every year. I'd been dreading the crowds. It always looks a seething mass of humanity on TV. Battleaxe doesn't do long queues or not being able to see things - but it was not too bad at all. You could move round fairly easily and get to see even the most popular show gardens. However, there was no time to stand and stare - no matter what the telly presenters say about being able to 'lose yourself in the tranquillity' of such and such, believe me, that was never going to happen.
    We started off with a cup of coffee and a faintly stale Chelsea bun, and th…

Hastings Pier official opening, Shanty Singers....busy

Just a quick fill-in.. It was the official opening of Hastings Pier on Saturday, and in the evening we went to a Shanty Singing session.  Been very busy with WI things, garden full of baby birds, and off to the Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow....     Saturday saw the official opening of Hastings Pier. I have written just a couple of weeks ago about how lovely it is, so won't go into it again here. As community shareholders we got tickets for the first part of the day, the official opening.  Oh joy, it was a wet, cold day. However, together with half of Hastings, we went down there. 
    Had coffee with friends Shirley and Brian, then joined the throng to hear the speakers. Nothing to say about that, but it is an excellent thing to have helped, even only a tiny bit, to get the Pier reborn.
    I liked this picture Philosopher took of our esteemed MP, Amber Rudd, looking totally fed up, despite her speech about being so thrilled about the whole business. Since she became Environment …

Hamburg and other North German adventures with Hastings Battleaxe.

They all blur into one - Rathauses, Hauptbahnhofs, Doms, Schlosses, Grosmarkts... We are just back from Germany, starting in Hamburg, then on to Hannover, with visits to Braunschweig and Hildesheim.  Walked miles, had traumatic encounter with aggressive street person, equally traumatic encounter with German sat-nav Frau..       Our Ibis hotel in Hamburg had the advantage of being close to the Hauptbahnhof. Too close. The railway lines were about 50 metres from our window, which you couldn't open because of the train noise. The air-con wasn't working. Why choose this place, one asks, and having chosen it, why not change rooms, hotels even? Well, we had managed to arrive at the start of the German Whit weekend - or Pfingsten as they call it. The city was packed, and hotel prices were way above the usual - hence the low-rent Ibis. Not much sleep for the three nights we were there.
    However, Hamburg is a really attractive, interesting place - Battleaxe would totally recommend …

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