Circus on the Pier - Battleaxe's birthday!

Very quick post - it was my birthday yesterday - have got more excitements tonight, so for a low-key treat, we decided to go to the Circus on Hastings Pier.  I got some great birthday presents...

Waiting to go in
It was a blustery evening with big seas- it was strange to sit in a circus tent and see and hear the waves rushing in beneath your feet, and the shingle rattling back and forth.  We went for a walk along the sea-front beforehand, and up to the end of the Pier.

     Now, what I would say is this, if you are expecting a full-size all bells and whistles circus, this isn't it.  It is a smallish tent, with a smallish company, and only lasts 50 minutes.  It is a little circus, on a pier. Battleaxe loves a circus - bring on the horses and dogs, say I. See previous post
     However, although it was little we could see kids loving it, and it suited our desire for low-key entertainment.
     The audience was smallish - they do three shows a day, which seemed a bit many for a Monday. If I were them, I'd keep it to afternoon and evening.  Because of the small audience, I kept my eyes firmly averted from the clowns. Such persons do tend to pick on me, and I've never liked clowns. I'm not afraid of them or anything, I just don't find them funny. Never did, even when I was little.
     Most of the performers seemed to be Mongolian - there were some amazing contortionists, various acrobats and a human slinky...
     My photos aren't very good. The camera wouldn't focus in the light with no flash.

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