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Hastings Old Town antique and junk shops

Some time ago I did a post about antique/junk hunting in St Leonard's, which continues to be very popular. Have been meaning to do the same for our other browser's paradise, Hastings Old Town, for ages. It's a big job, and this is a long post. Battleaxe and Philosopher spend many happy hours rummaging, and we know many of the shops well. I've tried to avoid leaving any out, but as we will see below, it's all a bit 'evolving'.     I think the profile of the shops is changing - from reasonably priced piles of assorted stuff - to high-end shops with much less in them. Think a tastefully 'curated' (and I use that word advisedly) display of expensive items - often featuring mid-century modern chairs, old industrial steel cabinets, enamel signs and skeletons. I guess this reflects the on-going transformation of Hastings into a desirable destination for incomers, but it's a shame for old rummagers like us.
    Let's start at the end of George Stree…

Glyndebourne - Don Giovanni

Well, Hastings Battleaxe missed all the celebrations marking the 950th anniversary of the Hastings Battle, but sorry dears, we had booked to go to Glyndebourne, this time to see Don Giovanni. It was part of our 30th Wedding Anniversary festivities...       You may remember that this time last year we saw the most fantastic production of Saul, which converted us to the Glyndebourne experience.  We knew that this year's effort was not going to be as mind-blowing - it is a revival of a 2010 production which got mixed reviews.
      This year, we made more effort with the picnic business, as the outing was part of our wedding anniversary celebrations. (The actual anniversary day was Tuesday,  not quite as festive as it could have been as I had the monthly WI meeting in the evening).  Anyway, we had champagne, M&S goodies and actual plates.  However, we are still but primitive picnic novices.  Check out this table next to us. Candelabra and all. Two men set it all with infinite ca…

Portsmouth and Southsea - such an interesting trip.

Early in the summer we spent a few days in Bournemouth, Portsmouth etc. Well, our tickets to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard were valid for a year, so we decided to go back.  We stayed in another lovely old Victorian hotel, had an interesting walk round old Portsmouth, toured the submarine, and we still have not seen everything the place has to offer.... Battleaxe would totally recommend a (long) visit to Portsmouth - there is just so much to see and do.
    First, to the Dockyard and  HMS Warrior. People say that this ship is better than the Victory, and I would agree.

      Launched in 1860, she was the pride of the British navy, the first of the armoured 'ironclads', and the largest, fastest and most powerful warship in the world. She patrolled the seas in a state of readiness for 22 years, carrying 700 men, bristling with massive guns, but never fired a shot in anger. She had a fearsome reputation as the ultimate deterrent, the eighteenth century version of Trident.

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