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Hastings Battleaxe hangs out in Eastbourne

Spent the day in Eastbourne yesterday - keeping Philosopher, and our car, company. Went to the Towner Gallery, Beachy Head, Waitrose- such excitements!       Our old friends Sue and Graham were supposed to be coming to stay this week, but couldn't due to Sue having sick bug, so I decided to keep Philosopher company. Our faithful Skoda Yeti had to go and spend the day at the main dealership in Eastbourne - it is one of the cars affected by the VW emissions scam, so had to be modified, and it needed a new something or other that cost £400...Cripes. Not what you need before Christmas.
      However, they cleaned it as well, for nothing, and gave us a courtesy car - a new Octavia.  It was very comfortable, but all so automated that we couldn't see how to work anything and spent the day driving around with the car temperature at 29 degrees, with the blower thing roaring like a jet plane taking off.  It was a cold day but really....
      There's lots in Eastbourne, but maybe n…

Storms in Hastings.. Jerwood latest, WI Bazaar

Just about getting back to normal when I was hit by the WI Bazaar, followed by a night kept awake by Storm Angus roaring round the house, flinging rain at the windows with such force it sounded like barrow-loads of pebbles. Then, a visit to the current exhibitions at the Jerwood, which Battleaxe recommends....      The annual WI Winter Bazaar is a big event in our calendar. I've written about it, and the amazing commitment of the WI women,  before. As ever, I did the bric-a-brac stall, this year adding toys to the empire. Philosopher helped as well, lugging boxes and clothes rails from our store room down in the Old Town, and then down to the hall and back.
     We were thinking, for just how many years, and from how many store rooms, have we done this? In Birmingham, I had a store room for the retro shop, and after the shop was sold, we did many vintage fairs etc. One day I'll do a blog post about the shop, Retro Bizarre.
     As usual, I was so impressed with the way the WI…

Marks and Spencer does me 'ead in. Hastings Battleaxe resurfaces....

Urgh, this week has been a bit of an effort. Still on Middle East time, Trumpoid horrors across the Atlantic and a struggle to alleviate the gloom with retail therapy. As I can't do much about the collapse of the world as we know it,  I'll stick to ranting at M & S. However, cataclysmic feelings of doom were finally soothed in the Lilac Room...       Am I going to write about Trump? No.
      We have been back from our cruise a week now, and are finding it hard to readjust.  Am still waking at 4am thinking it is time to get up, while falling asleep around 8pm every evening.
      Things for me were not improved by having the AGM of our WI the evening after we came back. We had been travelling for at least 16 hours the previous day and arrived home at what felt to us like the small hours, even though it was only 9.30pm by English time. As WI President, the AGM is one of the biggest nights of the year - proceedings to be led, charity cheques to be presented, speeches to be m…

Cruising Episode Two - Floods, Petra, Red Sea fish, pirates and Oman

Well, where were we? In the last post I covered the first part of our Middle East cruise on the 'Voyager' - have added some more pictures to that now - and in this post I carry on cruisin'.  A wet day in Petra, a look at life below the Red Sea, fending off the pirates, and exploring Oman.
      So, after the floods in Sharm-el-Sheikh, we chugged up to Aqaba, in Jordan, for our trip to Petra. Unfortunately, the bad weather followed us, and it was a pouring wet morning. We saw scarcely anything of Aqaba.  Apparently, it has the sixth largest flagpole in the world - here it is. It carries the flag of the Arab Revolt commemorating the Battle of Aqaba that took place in 1917. Think Lawrence of Arabia.  You can look across from Aqaba to Eilat in Israel.

      Rain or not, we all piled into coaches and set off across the Wadi Rum desert to Petra. Weather continued vile. We stopped at a rest house place, and horrors, were told that Petra was closed due to flooding. Collective co…

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