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Hastings Battleaxe freezes on the Pier and goes to poetry Slam Dunk

Battleaxe had a busy day yesterday, a WI Coffee morning, a chilly stroll on the Pier with old friends Bob and Alison from Horsham, and a first vist to the regular Hastings Slam Dunk poetry night.      Our friends had never visited the Pier, so we went for a cuppa in the Pavilion Cafe and a stroll. Crikey was it cold. It was looking bleakly beautiful, with a bit of watery sun leaking through the dank grey. We were the only people out except for a couple of hardy fishermen.
     The cafe was too cold to sit in comfort. But what heating system could have coped with the outside temperature?  I guess we were lucky to have found it open at all.
     Poor Philosopher has been laid low with the bug that caught me over Christmas and the New Year. It is a devilish thing, last for ages. Some days you think you are better, do too much and then are struck down again the next day. Yesterday he felt quite lively - today, not, and is currently in bed.
     Last night we had a Stanza Group outing for…

Hastings Battleaxe reflects on Trump Inauguration Day - Sad

I woke up this morning to a beautiful dawn and then remembered it was Friday, 20 January. A shameful day for America. A very bad day for all humanity. Is Battleaxe even going to watch the farce being acted out in Washington later today?  Shouldn't she just shut up and enjoy another sunny day in Hastings?       Martin Luther King is all over the internet right now, after that John Lewis business. Yes, OK, I admit I did wonder for a quick moment why Trump was bothering to insult our nation's favourite department store...
      I hope we Brits did not influence the rise of Trump with our jingoistic Brexit nonsense, but I guess many people in America won't even have heard of Brexit.
      I suppose Brexit makes the Trump thing a bit easier to understand. We can't act all superior over here because we have been, and continue to be, nearly as incomprehensibly stupid. The day after May's 'big speech' I saw the headlines in the tabloids.  How shameful to see the gl…

Winter in Hastings

A reminder of what it is like to live here, on the English Channel coast. Undoubtedly, the climate is milder than many places in the UK. We get plenty of wind, misty, damp days, the usual rain, but also glorious sun.  This year so far we have had little frost and real cold, and the first snow this year came last night.  It has mostly melted this morning. We are also conscious of the local wildlife.... On 2 January we were sitting outside at the West Hill Cafe drinking coffee and admiring the brilliant sun.This is the classic view of the Old Town that first convinced us that we wanted to come and live hereNo luck for the seagull on this occasion.

    This is down by the sea at Rockanore beach on 8 January.  Such a beautiful light on the unusually calm sea.

    In our garden, the birds have been busy seeking food, and Philosopher keeps their feeders topped up. Readers of my Christmas post will have read about Digby bringing an unwelcome visitor into the kitchen. That wasn't the on…

The world closes in on us. Hastings Battleaxe reflects

This post is prompted by the news that Voyages of Discovery, with whom we went on a Middle East cruise just a few weeks ago, and its sister company, Swan Hellenic, have just gone into administration and shut down. This is a sad indication of the state of the world.     Readers will remember that we decided that cruising was not for us, but we had some excellent adventures, and it is still sad. Here are the links to the two blog posts about our cruise:
Part One: Alexandria and along the Suez Canal
Part Two: storms in Sharm-el-Sheik, Petra to Oman via the pirates.
    So what is going on?  The company only had two small ships, our 'Voyager', and the Swan Hellenic 'Minerva', both accommodating 400-500 passengers. Both ships specialised in trips to far-flung places, in particular, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle and Far East and North Africa. While the owner of the parent company commented that it was hard for small ships to trade profitably in the current environment,…

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