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Goodbye to Cornwall, and the cooler side of Bournemouth

In my last post I wrote about the first part of our holiday, now for the last bit.  We are now back in Hastings, having returned a bit early - the weather was dodgy. We broke our journey overnight in Bournemouth. Can it be cool? Yes.

    Plenty of cliff walks, but only a few classic coast path episodes with yellow gorse, blue sea and grey rocks. I like to take those pictures away in my memory. Sadly, Philosopher has a bad hip so couldn't do many walks, and unlike our Brummie friends, I am a fair-weather walker - after a bit, one grey and misty cliff path looks much like another.  Also, although our Hastings Channel sea is not like Cornwall, we do live in a seaside place and can look at it whenever we want. Oh there it is, outside my study window - looking blue and sparkly today. 
     This is the Cornwall I like - Carn Goose on a sunny afternoon:

   We spent a day in Penzance, where Philosopher and I visited one of our favourite places, the Penlee Gallery, where there was an exh…

Cornwall again...foggy trip via Lyme Regis to Sennen Cove

This time we are staying in a fabulous house in our usual spot, Sennen Cove. It's the most westerly house on the English mainland.  Had a very foggy drive from Hastings, with an overnight stop-over in Lyme Regis.

      The fog was incredibly thick. We didn't stop for our usual picnic in the New Forest - couldn't see anything. Driving towards Lyme Regis we couldn't even see the car in front of us. As usual, we stayed with our friend Karol, who we met in Turkey years ago - she has a house with views across the bay with towards Golden Cap, but we couldn't see any of it. No usual walk round Lyme, or any photos - too damp and foggy. 
      Bit of a shame really, because it is a pretty journey, right across the very bottom edge of England - see last year's road trip post.
      Next day was just as foggy. The Beast of Bodmin Moor could have been lurking by the roadside without us seeing it. The weather made places like Camborne look even more depressing than usual…

Hastings Piano Concerto Competition finals - Battleaxe's chest expands with pride....

Well, it shouldn't be my chest that is expanding with pride, but those of the organisers and sponsors. But as a Hastinga, one can't help basking in reflected glory.... we went to both nights of the piano final at the White Rock last Friday and Saturday. It is one of the biggest events of the year hereabouts....       Battleaxe shouldn't even have been there at all. Well, I told you I was ill. (By the way, I see that Spike Milligan's tombstone has been returned to Winchelsea churchyard, with that epigraph removed...)  Have still got vile lingering sinus infection thing, made worse by over-exertion at the weekend.  Went to the theatre on Friday night, then up very early for absolutely exhausting time lugging black sacks and screaming at everyone at the WI Jumble Sale, back to bed, then up again for the theatre on Saturday evening. Yes, it was crazy, but I didn't want to miss it.
     So why was Battleaxe's chest expanding?
     The Hastings International Piano C…

Hastings Battleaxe feels oppressed. Strange night at Barefoot Opera 'ballet' - and bad cold.

Oh dear. Am so busy. Have just developed evil cold and have WI Jumble Sale tomorrow, which is massive amount of hard manual labour.  Tonight and tomorrow we have the Hastings Piano Concerto competition finals. Have umpteen things next week and then we are off to Cornwall on Friday morning for just over two weeks. Don't know where to start really. Oh yes, last Sunday we had a very strange outing to St Mary in the Castle for the Barefoot Opera 'ballet'.       I put ballet in inverted commas because it was barely that.  It was a recreation of  'The Loves of Mars and Venus' the first ever modern ballet production, created by Mr John Weaver for performance in the Drury Lane theatre in 1717. The score, and much of the detail of the performance has been lost.  We enjoy Barefoot Opera productions, but this did somewhat stretch our goodwill to the limit. The actual dance bit was very good, but over in a trice, padded out by long explanations from the head music person, and…

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