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Battleaxe sighs over election horrors, Rye Harbour with avocets and creepy caterpillars

Sighing is about the size of it. A General Election on 8 June..... It is still freakishly dry, and the garden is like concrete.  But, to lighten the mood, some wild life pictures from Rye Harbour      So, what's to be done about this utterly wretched political situation? The Tory Government is running riot, slashing and cutting everything in sight, but have a huge majority predicted to enable them to do even worse things. The Labour opposition is in disarray. Brexit looms horribly. The BBC still insists on giving the odious Farage air time on the telly, even though, hopefully, UKIP will collapse.
     In Hastings, we don't yet have a Labour candidate to stand up against Amber Rudd, who now has a substantial majority. Since becoming Home Secretary has transformed herself from relatively easy-goin' ex-media luvvie to, albeit pale and strained-looking, hatchet-faced Tory yes-woman. Our previous candidate, Sarah Owen, is not standing again - who can blame her. The latest news…

Granny stuff - and spring has sprung

Was on Granny duty most of last week - hard work as ever. Battleaxe feels really tired. The week before I had a trip to London - met old friend Diana, then Philosopher came up and we went to some exhibitions the day after. Weather has been fabulous - pretty flowers in the garden.     So, what did Granny get up to?  We took GD riding at Fairlight Hall again - the woods were beautiful, and so peaceful. Here is a pond with lovely reflections. The water was heaving with tadpoles - provided inspiration for a poem I am working on. Remind me to tell you about transformations, transitions etc on another occasion... Here, also, is the riding menage. It is hard to tell if GD enjoys the riding, but she says she wants to go again, so we must assume it is OK.

       According to her mother, GD is very stressed at the moment at the prospect of doing GCSE's in a few weeks, and she has also apparently been bullied at school. That is not good at all - can the school not do more to protect vulnera…

Opera South-East's 'The Magic Flute' at the Hastings White Rock

Regular Battleaxe readers will know that whenever possible, we go to our 'local' Opera South-East productions at the White Rock. Sometimes great - sometimes less so. Last night we enjoyed ourselves at 'The Magic Flute'    Having said that, it was partly because we already knew the story and the music - I think anyone who didn't might have struggled to understand what was going on. It is totally understandable that given the limited resources available, the Director (Fraser Grant) decided to dispense with much of the mystic baggage surrounding Mozart's opera and present it as a magical fairy story - largely designed by children. We didn't have to worry about the eighteenth-century zeitgeist of The Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, nor Jungian archetypes, Freemasonry, Ancient Egyptian religion, race and gender politics, the Tarot, Kabbalah, Eleusian mysteries, initiation rites and so on, which was a relief, but it left us with rather a lot of people rushi…

An exhausting WI week.... Meetings, Fair, Women going Wild!

OMG what a week. Am absolutely knackered - and all with WI stuff. Believe me, readers, it is not always like this.  Monday was East Sussex Board of Trustees. Tuesday our own committee meeting. Wednesday the East Sussex Annual Meeting in Eastbourne, Thursday the WI Fair at Alexandra Palace, Friday, editing the monthly WI News, Saturday, stomping round a camp site in Ashdown Forest.    To crown all this, we have the first tiny bit of trouble in our Hastings Ore WI. Think resigning Treasurers. Nothing we are not getting over but very energy-sapping.
    So, I have mentioned that as well as being President of Hastings Ore, Battleaxe is a member of the East Sussex WI Federation Board of Trustees.  It is interesting. The WI, as a whole, is changing. The 'traditional' old-established, smaller, usually rural groups are starting to disappear as the members age, and we have an increasing number of much larger groups of younger women who are more political, less into traditional WI thin…

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