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Hello Hastings!

We have just moved to Hastings from Birmingham. We arrived on November 18, although the sale of our former home was only completed just before Christmas. We are now living in a temporary house in Harold Road, Clive Vale. That's me, the Battleaxe, and my husband, the Philosopher.

     I have been writing email updates for the Brummies we have left behind, who include family and our dearest friends. Most of them think we are crazy coming all the way down here, and I guess it is a bit mad - we know absolutely nobody here and have no friends or family nearby. Both of us felt we wanted a final big adventure - to do something new and totally different with our lives before we got too old.
     We originally thought about Brighton, but it is too busy and too expensive. We did a summer holiday travelling up and down the south coast, and Hastings seemed suitably eccentric - and cheap....
     Anyway, people seem to be enjoying the email updates, so I thought I would start to record thoug…

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