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Jerwood Gallery prices - a survey, Zumba and...Italy

Firstly, Jerwood prices.  Was motivated to write this because of a very sensible letter in this week's Observer, saying that the Jerwood's membership prices were too high.  The admission prices have always felt too high to us - the Not Value For Money alarms sound loudly, but I thought I'd just do a bit of research.  Nearly all the galleries listed here have been visited either by me, the Philosopher, or both of us together, and we know they are either similar to, or bigger than, the Jerwood, with more significant collections.  Some are private, some started as private collections but are now in public hands. I have not included major city galleries.

Firstly, the Jerwood prices for comparison (am ignoring membership for now): Adults £7.00, concessions £5.00, local residents £2, free evenings for local residents once a month.

Next, galleries with free admission: Towner Eastbourne, Turner Margate,  Tate Liverpool, Whitworth Manchester,  Lowry Manchester, Walsall New Art Gall…

Coastal Currents Arts - and good Hastings walk

Another enormously long walk last weekend - something I really like about Hastings is how you can go on such interesting walks, so many of which are off the road via twittens, through woods etc.  There is so much variety - a different view opens up every time you turn a corner.

This time, we puffed up the side of the West Hill, having started just below Sacred Heart in London Road. Again, as usual, we were blown away by the view from the top. Stopped for coffee at the West Hill Cafe - as grungy as ever.  Another fabulous sunny day - clear, crisp, with just a hint of autumn in the quality of the light.  It was one of the Coastal Currents Festival Open Studio weekends, so we dropped in at the Beacon on our way back across the hill.  The artistic inhabitants seemed a good deal more sorted than we have sometimes found them in the past - they were obviously preparing to serve food to visitors - lots of tables out in the big garden. We found well-known potter Judith Rowe in her studio - we…

Hastings Recycling - Not good enough

Well, it is high time Battleaxe had a rant!

Here in Hastings, a new household waste recycling tip has just opened at Freshfields, replacing the interesting but somewhat smelly and third world set-up we had before. Much is made of the fact that the new facility is clean and modern, there is no queuing, you don't have to climb up steps to dump things in skips etc, all very true and good and commendable.  But there is a problem - no provision for members of the public to access recoverable goods, either via a charity store or, as before, an informal buying-point run by the tip geezers.  I have mentioned this before in a blog post back in May, and then one of the blokes told me that the tip was moving, but that there would be a new charity store.

Since coming to Hastings in November 2011 we have made many trips to the tip, and I have acquired:  one brand new two-drawer filing cabinet, a set of wooden shelves, a Victorian plant pot stand, two old terracotta chimney pots, assorted other…

Beauties of Beachy Head - and supernatural ponderings

Isn't the weather fabulous? Just right for Beachy Head

Bill, a friend from Brum, came to stay earlier in the week and we had a lovely day at Beachy Head - no putting feet down rabbit holes this time for me fortunately...  We caught the bus up from Eastbourne as far as Belle Tout, and walked back to the pub for lunch, then walked back down to Eastbourne again.  It always surprises me how OK that pub is - so many places with absolutely stunning locations are real dives, presumably because they can get away with it.  The Beachy Head is comfortable, nicely turned out, and the beer and food are just fine.

Both the Philosopher and I enjoy the feeling of calm and quiet up there on Beachy Head, and Bill enjoyed it too. Now here's something really mad.  Earlier on today I was leafing through 'Friday Ad' and my eye was caught by a job advertisement placed by Kevin Carlyon, our local White Witch - he was advertising for people to help him in his ghost-hunting activities.  That is…

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