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Biba in Brighton, Rigoletto in Hastings, strange goings-on at the De La Warr.

We went over to Brighton on the train to visit the Biba exhibition at the Museum - and to have a sunny day out.
      Given that we had a flat in Brighton (or 'Hove actually') for nearly three years, we rarely go back, and neither of us miss the place. It feels like a real city, different from small-town Hastings.  More traffic, more people, more noise.  Passers-by walk more purposefully. The average age is younger, and people are undoubtedly more stylish. It is nice to visit, but would have been too hectic for us to live in.
     The Biba show was good value - lots of clothes on show - here are a few pictures. Here, also, is another copy of the very Biba poster I just sold a couple of weeks ago on eBay - not surprisingly, it made a good price.

The garments looked tiny.... Where we really that size?  I don't think I ever was.  But I did cheerfully go out wearing hot pants....
     On Saturday night we went to see Rigoletto at the Hastings Odeon, beamed live from the New York…

From the horse's mouth - Hastings hairdressers, Writers' Group - and the Women's Institute

Valentines Day due to improve.  Hurry up, spring.
     What a crazy business this horsemeat saga is. In principle, I don't particularly mind the idea of eating horse, but I prefer to know what I am eating, and don't fancy doped-up racehorse carcass, or the scraggy bones of some Romanian peasant's worn-out old nag.  It is just staggering to read that these utterly repulsive so-called meat products apparently can be shipped all over Europe and still sold, at a profit, as reconstituted packaged shite meals in main-stream supermarkets. By the time you have taken off the vast transport costs and the packaging, the raw materials must be utterly worthless.
     All this fatty, synthetic rubbish processed food should be banned. People need to pay proper prices for decent meat. Yes, I know the argument that poor people can't afford decent stuff - it is spurious. Everyone could eat better, and as cheaply, by cooking nutritious food themselves.  It doesn't ha…

Hastings Jerwood 'Knock Knock' Review - time to burst the hype bubble?

First, reverting briefly to the topic of shopping, discussed in previous 'Foxy Battleaxes' post.
     I quite liked this 'Husband Creche' advertised in the window of the General Havelock pub in the centre of Hastings.
     Incidentally,  I see that this pub apparently has one of the finest tiled pub interiors in Britain. It looks very interesting, but as yet, we have not visited it.
     Back to art. In the last couple of weeks we have visited two exhibitions. First, at the Arts Forum, the 'Breakthrough' Exhibition celebrating the joining of the two halves of the gallery, featuring the work of local artists, and secondly, the Jerwood's re-hang and 'Knock Knock' their first exhibition of 2013.
     The Arts Forum exhibition included a painting of our friend Joe Fearn, by an artist called Bruce Williams. We liked it,  and it actually looks quite like him. (Sorry Joe, if you read the rest of this post - I know you won't agree with it!)

     We wer…

Hastings LOL cat beats February blues!

February today...... days are getting longer....but still wet..wet...wet.
Well, here's a surprise to start with - we have unexpectedly been allocated a brown garden waste recycling bin. The two year wait ranted about earlier this year on Bombastic Battleaxe never happened.  Our bin will be delivered this month. Perhaps Hastings BC have been reading this blog - I know two of our local councillors have read the post about Tesco in Ore.
     This post is just going to be just silly - yawn scratch more cats on the internet.
     Why do cat-posting people make those LOL cats speak in such silly misspelt voices? 'Duz zey tink dem kittez stoopid or sumfin?'  Well, I guess our rescue cat Digby is a bit dim, but I'm sure he could spell and construct a simple sentence.
     He is, of course, far more photogenic and interesting than any other internet cat, but is getting a bit portly. He still wolfs his food like it was his last ever meal, gets terrible wind, and still wants more.…

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