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Jeffery Camp: The Way to Beachy Head, Jerwood, Hastings

Just been down to view the new exhibition at the Jerwood.
                                                                                          It was an incredibly hot, thundery day.
   There was a storm while we were sitting in the gallery cafe - the light was extraordinary - there was some sort of festival on the Stade Open Space, and the crowd of people were illuminated like figures from a Breughel painting. Next thing, it was pouring with rain, and the people disappeared, leaving the space to a solitary paddling seagull....
     So, what did we think of the Jeffrey Camp?
     Many of the paintings were of Beachy Head, with figures looking down from the top - a good sense of the drop, the wind etc. Others were of nudes, some lying in a downland landscape, or on the cliffs, or in one case, on a roof-top? by London Bridge. They were attractive, and we liked them. However, for my taste, too many of the paintings came over all visionary,with
wispy elongated bodies floating in the …

Ooh Aaaargh - Hastings Pirate Day!

Phewie - what a scorcher it was. I eventually decided against a corset - thought I would pass out. 
    We hit town about 11am., dressed in aaargh best. Walked down exchanging ooh arrghs with all and sundry. As ever, all of Hastings was out, most dressed up in their finery. Pirate dogs, pirate babies, pirate grannies - all excellent.
     Philosopher has a very tasteful new hat with long Jack Sparrow dreadlocks attached - we got it from a shop in Bridgnorth, would you believe.
     Started off with swashbuckling coffee at the Land of Green Ginger - breezed in there with 'Aaaaargh, me hearties - two Americanos with a bit of cold milk, please, and a slice of your vegan parkin....' (Not that eating vegan stuff has any relevance for us, that particular cake just tastes good). Just sat down when in came Marcia and David - Marcia has just started at the Writing Group, and by an incredible coincidence, David is Herr Wagner from All Saints Street. Battleaxe encountered Buster Wagner a…

More sun ... hot night at the Stables etc.

I have not written a new post for a week - the weather has been absolutely scorching boiling hot. No weather for sitting indoors. 
There will be another post about Pirate Day to come very soon, and one on Bombastic Battleaxe about Social Housing - not time for that now, I have to try on my pirate corset....
     My study faces the front of the house, it gets very sunny, and I have to keep the door shut when I am not in there to keep Digby the cat from jumping up into my precious collection of spaghetti poodles....  Our bedroom faces the sun also - we have a blackout blind but when the windows are wide open the blind flaps annoyingly and you can also hear the seagulls gather for their 5am team meeting on the flat roof right outside the window....but for all that, I love this weather.  One night, when I pulled the blind up to stop it rattling, I saw  the moon shining a beautiful silver path on the sea.....
     Have been doing sunny seaside things - we swam in the sea.  The temperature …

High Summer...outdoor pursuits....

Well, high summer is here and we have been out and about.

      Last Sunday was absolutely scorching, so we
thought we'd fine a nice shady wood for a picnic.
     We left the car at Guestling church and walked down into the woods. It was incredibly quiet....We did indeed find a picnic spot, in a little mossy glade. Eventually ended up having a pint in the garden of the Two Sawyers in Pett, before walking back to the car along a different path.  It was a nice little circular walk.

      Another day this week, we explored Winchelsea Beach.  We have been to the Ship plenty of times, but have always dismissed the area surrounding it because of all the caravan parks. Our neighbours had told us to head for the sea along the lane beside the Ship, so we did, and found ourselves in a secret world of overgrown paths, shingle banks, pools, wild flowers and odd little homes.  Some houses were all Grand Designed up with glass balconies, sedum roofs and driftwood Derek Jarman style gardens, ot…

Beef, Bazaar.....all boiling

Weather now fabulous, I remember now why I wanted this house to have a big folding door opening wide to the garden....
      Another busy few days. The new Hastings Writers' Group website went 'live' on Monday morning, much to my relief.
      It was well received by members at the meeting in the evening, and then to crown it all I won the Poetry competition.  I was genuinely astonished - we have some very good poets in the group and I felt my effort 'Writers' Block' was very light and slight in comparison with some of theirs, particularly as our judge, Richard Evans, seemed to be quite an intense and literary young man.
      I was a bit turned off intense poet types by my OU tutor - you could see his nipples showing through his cheesecloth shirt..... I suppose I ought to think about publishing some stuff.... .
      Went up to London this week, to meet Philosopher's old friend Alan - he had wanted us to go with him for lunch at Simpsons-in-the-Strand, as…

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