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Back to Hastings - life resumes. Fruit, fat cats and fat coats

Well, here we are, back still sunny Hastings. 
     Usual grim journey back from Turkey. Ishan, our landlord, had thrust a huge bag of fruit from the orchard
into my hands as I was leaving.  Couldn't dispose of it because his dad drove us to the airport, and it ended up trundling with us through security... I put it in the overhead locker on the plane and when I went to open the locker to get something during the flight the bag had tipped .... I just managed to stop a cascade of huge pomegranates, outsize oranges, giant lemons etc. tumbling out and bowling off down the aisle. Thank goodness it was me who opened the locker first....
     Arrived back at Gatwick at 1am and then had to wait another hour in the baggage hall because the lorry bringing our bags from the aircraft broke down... We had arranged a taxi to pick us up. Our driver was very strange indeed. As we drifted in and out of sleep he talked non-stop about his rare and incredibly valuable collection of koi…

Cirali - Chimaera flames - and flaming hot.....

Second update from Cirali, Turkey.
There are surprisingly beautiful coloured stones on the beach.  Being me, I have collected loads...
      The other night we went to see the Chimaera flames, which burn on a mountainside near here.  Our neighbours, Lynne and Peter had hired a car for the day, and drove us up there in the evening.  I say drove, but you can only drive to the bottom of a rocky track, which according to the notices is a 1km walk up to the flames, but in reality, is nearer 3km. We were already hot and bothered because we had driven down to the far end of  our beach and the car got stuck in the soft sand....fortunately we all managed to push it out OK but at some cost to bodily cool.
     The Chimaera fires, here in what was ancient Lycia, have long been thought to be the source of the Greek legend of the fire-breathing monster of the same name, slain by Bellerophon, riding Pegasus. They have burned for at least 2,500 years, and no visit to Cirali is complete without a si…

Cirali..... Turkey update

Here we are in Cirali, Turkey, a little village miles from anywhere- about a two hour drive from Antalya.  We've been here nearly a week already.      Journey was uneventful - usual disagreeable Easyjet experience. We were in the two seats by the window, then came a woman, her husband across the aisle and then a young couple - presumably family.  They drank solidly for the whole 4 hours.... The woman's tray table was covered with empty mini bottles of vodka and empty tins, then they got a litre of duty free rum and drank's the airline I blame for letting them have it. They weren't actively vile but got louder and more raucous as time passed.
     Drove for about 1.5 hours through the night to Cirali, fortunately leaving the Easyjet horror persons well behind, presumably in Antalya, which appears to be a surprisingly big city.  Clearly, Turkey has boomed and mushroomed in recent years - we belted along what was clearly a newish motorway before lurching down f…

Off to Turkey - and ghostly goings-on

After months of scorching Hastings we are off to even more scorching Turkey for two weeks, so this may be the last blog post for a fortnight.
     We are going to a little village called Cirali, near Antalya.  For ten years we went to Gumusluk, a village on the Bodrum Peninsula, but unfortunately, as time passed the village got busier and busier, despite being protected as the site of the ancient city of Myndos. Where, at first, the hills round the village were empty, over time, estates of white villas appeared, encroaching ever closer.... But we met good friends there and had some great times.
     When, after seven years, we decided to return to Turkey, I did days of web research. Apparently Cirali is one of the few remaining undeveloped areas of the Turkish coast.  It has one of those protected turtle beaches, where turtles crawl ashore to lay their eggs - we may just be in time to see the last of this year's babies hatching and struggling their way down to the sea. . Also, mor…

Kent and East Sussex Railway - a lovely day out

Well, here we are at 1 September. Weather is still lovely, but with the slightest hint of autumn freshness in the air. It's been a fantastic couple of months, and here's all about yet another classic summer day out... on the Kent and East Sussex Railway.

     It was a very hot still day, with that flat white high summer light. We drove to Bodiam and parked at the Castle, using our National Trust membership - yes, Philosopher and I are members.... We started with a coffee and a scone in the tea room, as you do, in the company of about 30 ravenous wasps - has anyone noticed that there are suddenly hundreds of them? Then walked up to Bodiam Station.
     We saw the Edith Cavell van in a siding - as well as carrying the body of Edith Cavell it also carried the body of the Unknown Soldier from Dover to London in 1920. Oddly enough I saw a programme about war horses on TV the other day that showed a team of six black horses, who had all survived the Western Front together, pulling t…

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