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Cirali, Turkey - a return visit

A rather ragged update from Cirali, our WiFi is a bit erratic. The place looks much the same, quieter as it is later in the year, still cheap.....       I have just finished breakfast at the hotel in the company of Philosopher, two dogs, approximately 15 chickens, and Duckie, my favourite duck. We are staying at the somewhat up-market Olympos Lodge.  It costs about five million pounds a night more than last year's abode, but we thought we'd treat ourselves.
     I thought our little Cirali place last year was big on domestic creatures, but this hotel has even more. We have a flock of peacocks outside our bedroom - they do not have much personality. This is particularly gormless white one. 
     The hotel is very pretty, set in a big garden, and our rooms are little buildings scattered round it. We were seduced by its charms last year and booked it even though it is at least three times more expensive than anywhere else in the village.
       It is, how can I say, a little ecce…

Hastings Battleaxe is laid low - quick rant and catch-up before departure to Turkey

Low indeed. Have had some terrible flu/chest/sinus thing, and have done very little. Have got strong antibiotics now, and am hoping that I will feel a bit better before we leave for Turkey tomorrow. 
     We are going back to Cirali - see last year.  This time, however, we are staying in the Olympos Lodge Hotel, the swishest joint in the village, and our friend Shaun McKenna is coming with us.
      Have missed loads of things here. The Coastal Currents Festival passed me by. All I saw were these strange and beautiful feather sculptures in the crypt of St Mary in the Castle, by someone called Kate MccGuire (why so many c's?).
      Open Studios, women sawing legs off the chairs they were sitting on? Someone launching himself out to sea in a giant paper boat? Mermaid's tea party? Missed them all.
      Then there were the Heritage Open Days - I wanted to see the Alexandra Park Greenhouse. Not this time.
       So what has been going on? Well, it is Scottish voting day today. Do…

Tall Ships at Greenwich - Battleaxe voyages down the Thames

Over the last week or so, around 50 tall ships passed up the Channel on their way from Falmouth to Greenwich, for the 2014 Tall Ships Festival.  Here in Hastings, we had our telescope ready in the verandah, but unfortunately the weather was hazy every single day, and we didn't see a single one.
     However, at the weekend we had a lovely couple of days in London, firstly, visiting 'Art and Life', an exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery featuring the work of Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and the pottery of William Staite Murray. It was all quite maritime, preparing us for the visit to the Tall Ships the next day.
     We travelled all the way from London Bridge to Dulwich on the bus, passing through my old haunts of Camberwell and East Dulwich. Camberwell looks much the same as it did 40 years ago, but East Dulwich is so gentrified you would not know it was the same place. All artisan chocolatiers and organic bakers.
      That night, we…

Lamb House in Rye - a literary ladies outing

All the time we have lived here, we have never visited Lamb House in Rye. Philosopher was a tiny bit sniffy to hear that I had arranged to go with a group of friends from the WI Book Group, particularly as he reads, and enjoys, Henry James, and I have never managed to struggle through more than a couple of chapters.
I can't see us tackling any of his books at the Book Group either, but clearly Lamb House is essential literary sight-seeing.
    We went to Rye on the bus - supposedly for the scenic benefits but we women all chatted solidly throughout the journey there and didn't look out of the window at all.
     Of course, we started with coffee and cake, today at the Apothecary House, one of my favourites in Rye. The front window seat is an excellent people-watching spot. I don't think I mentioned this place at all in a post I did a while ago on Shopping in Rye. Recently, it seems to have improved in all areas, less waiting, serves better coffee and cakes, but there is no …

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