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Sennen Cove, Cornwall - with background coughing....

Back from Cornwall a day early. Just before we went I was suffering from a horrible chest cold virus. Well, the first part of the week I was wheezy, weak and feeble, then the second half of the week Philosopher caught it and he was as poorly as I have seen him in ages.
    We drove all the way back yesterday - had planned to stop the night somewhere but just wanted to get into our own bed  - it was an arduous day and we are both very tired.
    Still, despite all that we had a good time - see this previous post for more about Sennen Cove.
    We travelled down via Lyme Regis, spending a night with our old friend Karol - Hastings to Land's End is quite a long journey. 
     Stayed in little house called 'Yellow Sands' - we have stayed there twice before. Very cosy. Our friends were further up the beach, in a big house with an interesting view.

     We had lots of sunny weather and usual walks. For years, I've summoned up a scenario of walking along a Cornish coast pat…

Battleaxe's downstairs loo - an insider's view

You know you want to! This is a quick post before I go away to Cornwall for a week, for our annual stay in Sennen Cove with Brummie friends.

So, where were we in the last post? Looking at the fishy display.

   First question, why the fish theme?
   Back in Birmingham we had a Bollywood themed loo, following our big trip to India in 2001. It had Bollywood posters, South Indian buffalo bells and neck garlands displayed on a pair of horns, a dancing Shiva, a fierce Kali on the back of the door, dangling Indian wedding decorations, flashing chilli lights - oh, it was wonderful. Sadly, we have no pictures of it. However, when we wanted to put the house on the market in 2010 the estate agent took one look and nearly passed out. Getting rid of Bollywood was top of the list of things he told us to do to make the house remotely saleable. Sadly, we listened to him.
   When we came to Hastings, there was a nice empty loo crying out for adornment, and given our new environment, fish and the sea s…

Eastbourne wanderings - a random Battleaxe day out

We have been to Eastbourne loads of times, but somehow never get familiar with the place.  
    It is larger than one might think, and very sprawling. After umpteen visits we still don't understand how the different bits of the town fit together, and get lost trying to find the quickest ways from place to place. I can't cover it all in one blog post, this is just a random outing. I am missing out the obvious things like theatres, sea front, bandstand and pier.  It also, like Brighton, has elm trees....
    We started off  with coffee in the Towner Gallery. I have written plenty of posts about previous visits, and how it compares with the Jerwood in Hastings, so I won't go on about it. This time, there was an exhibition of truly enormous monochrome sea paintings by John Virtue. We quite liked them, but after a bit, seen one and you'd seen them all... Here's an example.

     Then there was work by Ori Gersht, an Israeli who photographs places where really horrible th…

Hurtigruten voyage in the Arctic - but no Northern Lights

Just back from the far, far north. Saw many things, including Europe's most northerly shoe shop, but not the Northern Lights. We were not too disappointed, because the trip was so interesting.
    We flew to Tromso, which is already way above the Arctic Circle, to board the Hurtigruten MS Richard With (or, as the boat tannoy lady called it: 'CostalStrimmerReyaaaVeet'). The Hurtigruten boats chug up and down the coast of Norway, calling at the little ports up the fjords, carrying passengers and delivering essential supplies. The boats are like large cross-channel ferries, with cars and cargo on the bottom, cabins in the middle, and bars, lounges etc on the top.
     Our boat was very clean and well-kept. Shipshape, I guess.  The decor was a bit alarmingly 80s retro though.

      We got an excellent cabin in the upper middle of the boat, where there is less noise and movement, and on the promenade deck, where you have a window instead of a port hole. It was snug, with two bun…

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