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Battleaxe tries to be a poet

Battleaxe is getting into writing poetry, and last week was particularly poetic. On Wednesday I went up to London to read some of my poems at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden.

I was part of a team of six poets representing the Hastings Stanza Group, together with our MC and group leader, +Antony Mair.  Stanzas are a nationwide network of groups under the umbrella of the Poetry Society, and are for poets at all levels to meet to share and discuss their work.
     We were competing informally against another group from Cambridge. It was all a bit scary but in fact it was fine. Wethought that coming from Cambridge, the other group would all be desperately earnest, academic and talented. Beautiful, intense young people doing PhD's in  Poetic Forms in Renaissance Italy or whatever. In reality, they turned out to be ordinary people like us. Better still, it turned out that as well as being a talented and diverse group, our team included two experienced, and very cool, performance poets.…

Is it summer in Hastings? The Church in the Wood.

The weather has gone beserk this month. It is incredibly dry and the garden is like a desert. Despite quite a chilly wind, the sea-front is full of ice-creams and quivering masses of post-winter pale flesh.
     Battleaxe's garden is a strange mixture of spring flowers and things that should be out later in the season. Birds are also very busy. Here are a few flowery pictures, and our regular goldfinches eating their nyger seed. Where do they build their nests?

     Yesterday, we were over in Hollington.  Just before you get to that horrendous cathedral of consumerism, the Tesco megastore, you pass the sign pointing to 'Church in the Wood'. Thought we'd have a look.
     The little church is set in the middle of a very large, peaceful graveyard, full of old and interesting graves, with indeed, many beautiful trees, and woods all around.
     Unfortunately, the church itself was locked, with no indication about when it might be open or where to find the key. So many ch…

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