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Ore in Bloom, general Ore update.

Just a quick up-date. Tomorrow we are off to Chichester for the night. We should be travelling along the A27 past Shoreham Airport, but the road will still be closed. That air crash at the weekend was horrific.
    Saturday was the prize-giving event for Ore in Bloom, and I went along to the Community Centre to support Philosopher, who is currently on the Committee.  My previous post about Ore is, for some mysterious reason, the most-viewed Battleaxe post ever, so it's good to do an update.
     Ore in Bloom aims to improve the look of the area and to develop interest in gardening among locals of all ages. It is heavily, and generously, supported by Sarah Kowitz from Fairlight Hall, and until he left recently, the head gardener, Peter, was the Chair. His departure has left the group in a degree of disarray. Many of our WI ladies used to enjoy his monthly gardening and flower-arranging groups - I have no idea what will happen to those.
      Sadly, Philosopher is not staying on the…

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, then Strawberry Hill House

Weekend in London in Anna and Gareth's flat in St Margaret's, between Twickenham and Richmond. They were on holiday so we cat-sat. Cat seemed to lurve me. Don't know why, it was Philosopher that looked after him. He insisted on lying on my chest and licking/biting my face at 4am. No, fools, the cat, not Philosopher.....
     On Friday we went up to the V and A to the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition.  Sadly more pain than pleasure, the place was heaving. Why don't they manage visitor numbers in these major exhibitions better? What's the point of timed entry if you can barely glimpse the contents of the cases through a sea of bodies?  And it was so hot - have they never heard of air-con?  And dark. According to Jess Cartner-Morley, the dark signifies eroticism:

     'The themes of the show are transformation, status and seduction. That these are all linked, and     that sexuality is imprinted through their core like a stick of rock, is suggested by the decor…

Royal Sovereign Lighthouse trip - Battleaxe bounces out to sea

It was my birthday on Saturday, and for my treat, Philosopher booked a boat trip from Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, out to see the Royal Sovereign Light Tower
    I've always been curious about the strange little shape sticking up out of the sea. It's visible from so many places in Hastings. I can't quite see it from my window, the view does not stretch far enough west.
    We started off with lunch at Pablo's at the Waterfront - had only ever been to Simply Italian before, but when we took our grand daughter there last year she was so badly behaved that we did not dare go back. Anyway, our salads at Pablo's were excellent. Battleaxe would recommend.
    The waiter laughed when we told him where we were going and said: 'Lunch before a powerboat trip? That'll be alright for us - you'll be wanting a second lunch when you come back!'
    We didn't think so - it was a fabulous sunny day, the sea was calm, and unusually for this summer, there was no…

Gravetye Manor - Battleaxe goes up-market

Yesterday we went for lunch at Gravetye Manor, near East Grinstead, with old friends Bob and Alison. It is Battleaxe's birthday tomorrow, so this was part of the treats.
     Philosopher almost got grumbly because the drive was so long and leafy. Honestly, husbands. Would he rather have been sitting in a traffic jam on the motorway? Mind you, I did take us rather a scenic route, we had to take several diversions due to road works, and took the wrong road in the middle of Ashdown Forest (my fault).  That is certainly leafy, and at this time of year, there is so much high bracken lining the lanes.
     The Manor is splendidly isolated, about a mile from the road at the end of a woodland drive.  There were no less than three staff persons waiting at the front door to greet us - two boys in green uniforms and a silver-fox manager. I don't suppose they were actually waiting for us - probably for a delivery or something.

      The old house was built in 1598, and is very tasteful in…

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