Battleaxe visits the Exbury Egg at the Jerwood

A quick post today. We have had friends John and Jan from Birmingham staying. Walked down to town, went on the Pier and then walked down to meet Philosopher who was doing his stint at the Jerwood. He can't walk that far at the moment - having his hip operation on 26 October.  First thing, we visited the Exbury Egg, which has appeared outside the gallery. It was open, so in we went...

The egg at its home in Exbury, Hampshire
So, what is it? Well, it's a wooden egg-cum-home that spent a year floating on a river near Beaulieu, inhabited by artist Stephen Turner.  It has been touring all round the country before fetching up on the shingle outside the Jerwood. The theme is 'Everything Comes from the Egg', and this is what the artist has to say about it:

      “The ‘blueprint’ for the Exbury Egg, echoes its symbolism as a blueprint of life. Aesthetically perfect, eggs contain in embryo the essentials for new life. From primate to plankton they embody the idea of new birth and renewal, protection and fragility. In an urban world where we are increasingly disconnected from nature I wanted to use this ancient archetypal symbol to nurture re-enchantment with the natural world, as a step toward a sustainable future."

Well, there you go.

'Plankton doesn't come from eggs' says Philosopher.

     Inside, it was a remarkably spacious, snug little place to live in.  I liked it.  Here are a few pictures.

In the gallery we saw some art works related to the egg, including some bottles of sloe gin. I have a splendid bottle of sloe gin in the kitchen cupboard, made by moi. I don't think my gin has anything to do with art though.... 

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